Earth Element The Path of Life 


New class created in Ireland by  MP Yoga. Classes in BeWell are on: Tuesday 10am, Sunday at 11:15am. Classes at Fabiani are from July on : 

Wednesday at 5:30pm and Tuesday for seniors at 11:30am. 


This practice is the journey of conscious movement to balance and harmonise the body matter with the natural Earth’s vibrations.  

Earth vibrations have direct and positive effect on our body, it brings natural order in the body. Various life situations, stress, rush, unhealthy eating, lack of exercises or its excess cause numerous disorders, blockages and pain. By synchronising with the energy of the Earth, with what is natural, through conscious movement we influence better our overall wellbeing, flexibility and ease in the body and thus we can experience more peace and smiles in harmony with ourselves and the environment. We eliminate unconscious habits to feel more balance and freedom. This class is available for pregnancy ( approved by doctor cert). 

Come along and experience something NEW.

Earth Element class was inspired by nature and based on many years of experince with the body movement to safely improve body functionality, flexibility, strength, coordination, concentration and overall good feeling.

What to expect ?

– movement that will mobilise your joints,

– decompress the spine, 

– muscles will tone up and stretch,

– work on coordination and concentration,

– possible adaptations and modifications


–  improves functionality of the body,

– increases awareness of your body in the space

– improves coordination between arms and legs, rigth and left side,

– helps with concentration, stability and balance,

– harmonise the work of the body as the whole unit


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