About MP Yoga

MP Yoga serves one of its own Yoga experience and Earth Element practice. Yoga is the practice with participation of the elements of the Universe.

Earth element class is the journey of conscious movement to balance and harmonise the matter of the body with natural vibration of the Earth.

Both practices are based on a system of body movements and positions that opens the energy channels in the body, improves strength, flexibility and mobility.


Why to practice yoga and Earth element ?

1.Back free from pain and tension. The practice releases tension from the body, balancing the muscle tone. Your back is the part of the body that, when in pain you can’t move. Regular conscious movement strengthen your back muscles, improves mobility in your spine and relaxes tensions we build up every day. 
2. Better sleep. Sleep and recovery is important part for the body and mind to function in harmony. Better sleep boosts your immune system. Conscious practice helps to relax the body and calm the mind chatters, what leads to improved sleep pattern: longer sleep, less wakes up during the night, waking up relaxed and recovered.
3. You have more energy. During yoga and Earth element practice, body energy channels are opening so energy can flow with ease to every single cell in your body. Energised body gives you the feeling of lightness and sense of motivation in life. Each cell is well oxygenated to function in full capacity thanks to continues breath awareness and breathing.
4. You deal better with stress. Stress causes the most of diseases in the world. It teaches you to be present and aware of everything around us and within us. This self awareness practice is the tool to manage stressful situations, witness them and take conscious decisions.

Hi There, I’m Marta

I am Marta Pasieczny, originally from Poland and live in Ireland. I am a founder of MP Yoga and self employed Yoga Teacher and Earth Element teacher. My experience over 25 years of teaching body movement gave me great understanding of how important is to move mindfully to maintain balance physical and mental.
I have finished 200hr Yoga Teacher Training in 2013 in the Yoga Room, in Dublin and I constantly improving my practice as a teacher and as a student being on the mat every day. 

Earth element is the conscious practice that I have created. Amazing practice improving coordination, balance, muscle tone, flexibility and mobility. Something new to try.

I love travels, adventures and meeting new people therefore I organise Yoga events, Yoga holidays to beautiful places, where we can practice yoga every day, enjoy nature, relax or spend active time outdoor.

What I Offer

Group Classes

Yoga Classes for all levels, all ages and all groups. Click for more.

Private Classes

1-to-1 private classes are available, contact me for more information.

Corporate classes

From increasing flexibility to building mental focus necessary for concentration, yoga can be practice during lunch break or just straight after work . Contact me for more information.