Rules & Regulations

  1. The acceptance of rules and regulations is the condition to participate in classes.
  2. Person can attend the class with valid pass. Passes can be purchased online and in person. Online payments are by booking system on the site, revolut, paypal or bank transfer ( IBAN: IE72AIBK93214028345051  with your full name on reference).
  3. The pass is valid only for assigned period of time: 5 classes pass is valid 2 months from the day of purchase, 10 classes pass is valid 4 months from the day of purchase. 
  4. You cannot suspend your active pass.
  5. Each pass is personal and cannot be shared with others.
  6. Each class has to be pre booked. When booking class on booking system, it has to be prepaid.
  7. Free cancellation on booking system is up to 24hours before the class start. Late cancellation is not refundable. 
  8. This yoga practice is not suitable during pregnancy.
  9. Be on time for the the class at least 5 minutes before start. Late-comers may not be admitted to the room. Bring your mat. Phones turned off or on silence. The use of cameras, recording equipment and mobile phones are strictly forbidden.
  10. Practice yoga on empty stomach, 2-3hr after your meal.
  11. MP Yoga does not take responsibility for the effects of exercises performed independently, not based on the advise and instructions of the teacher.
  12. Student must be 18 years old or over to attend general class and workshops unless otherwise specified or in the company of a parent.
  13. People with health problems are obligated to inform the teacher before starting the class as well as during the class in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
  14. By participating in the class you declare that you have up-to-date knowledge about ongoing epidemic in Ireland and that you are aware of risks what class participation can bring.
  15. By participating in the class, you declare that, according to your current knowledge you are healthy, you are not suspected of being infected with COVID-19 and you had no resent contact with someone infected with COVID-19.
  16. Person in state indicating alcohol consumption will not be allowed to the class.
  17. MP Yoga reserves the right to refuse admission to the class.
  18. Student is responsible for her/his belongings in yoga studio.
  19. The person who buys the subscription therefore undertake to comply with rules and regulations.

Yoga costs:

  • Yoga class 1hr costs  €12.
  • Pass of 5 classes, 55 euro
  • Pass of 10 classes, 100 euro.
  • Private yoga class 1 hr, 70 euro.
  • Organised groups, corporate classes, yoga at work ( price depends on numbers of participants and duration of the class).
  • Yoga at school for students or teachers 1 hr, 100euro.
  • Yoga workshop 2hrs, €30 (unless indicated different).
  • Yoga holidays (costs depends on the length and destination of holidays).