Yoga Workshops

Deepen your practice.

Workshops offer a unique opportunity to create deeper connection with yourself and yoga practice. Time is taken to understand and explore the practice in a deeper way, with more specific instructions and precision accordingly to your body abilities. Check on timetable about next yoga workshops. 

Yoga Workshops 

Next yoga workshop is on 18th of May, Saturday 6-8pm in BeWell studio Longford. 

Workshop is available to everyone.
Workshops will be dedicated to ‚build up the blocks’ of strength, flexibility and understanding how to enter deeper positions. It doesn’t mean that we will have to perform deep, challenging poses but if it will be possible it may happen. 
Whether it will be arm or standing balance, split or a wheel pose, side plank or chaturanga, the journey to them maintaining the alignments will show us our possibilities and limitation. Learning Yoga through yoga workshops to find the light on Alignments for the body to feel good. 

Click below on timetable to book your place.


How often should I practice to have best results?

The more often you practice yoga the results are feelable or visible earlier. Don’t expect a huge changes after just few yoga sessions. Ideally and realistically would be if you could start do yoga twice a week and build it up gradually and organically. Even once a week commitment will benefit your health.

Are there any helpful guidelines for yoga practice?

Yes, here is some guidelines: wear comfortable cothing, practice barefoot, remove all the jewelry, tie up long hair, practice on empty stomach, do not force yourself into difficult postures, go at your own pace.

Can I do yoga if I am not flexible ?

You Don’t have to be flexible to do yoga !!! Yoga isn’t just stretching, its extremalnie toning, calming, meditative, spiritual, healing and opening. Flexibility is only one aspect of it. Once you practice yoga for a period of time naturally you will gain flexibility with myriad of other benefits. 



Do I need to be on a vegetarian diet to benefits from yoga?

No. You can derive benefit from yoga without a special diets. You can be fully as you are because yoga is for everyone !!! 

Are yoga classes safe?

Yes. Yoga classes we teach are safe. Always make sure to discuss your medical conditions with yoga teacher. 

What do I need to bring for yoga practice?

You will need your yoga mat. 


Is yoga suitable for pregnancy?

Yes. But it has to be specific pregnancy yoga class. We don’t provide yoga for pregnancy. 


Yoga online in the comfort of your own home

Morning sessions will help you to wake up the body, focus the mind and set the tone for the day ahead.